Know what customers want before it’s in their shopping cart. 

When you wing it, nothing is predictable. When you use data, every prediction is verifiable.

BasketAnalyzer revolutionizes the way you analyze and understand customer shopping behavior, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that boost profitability.

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Enhance product categories

Balancing competitive pricing while maintaining profit margins doesn’t have to be a challenge. By automating basket analysis and understanding what items are frequently purchased together, you can strategically organize your product categories to produce the highest margins.

Additionally, you will be empowered with the insight requisite to create compelling promotions, allocate marketing budgets, and measure campaign effectiveness. 

Give your product a front-row seat

Treat your products like the VIP’s they are. Know exactly where products should be placed when your customers are ready to buy. When you understand buyer-behavior and purchasing patterns, you are equipped to design your store in the most convenient layout possible. 


Market trends come and go (and sometimes come back again). Stay ahead of the competition and identify which product displays or arrangements are most effective in driving sales and customer engagement. BasketAnalyzer gives you the data to tailor a display with products commonly purchased together.

Optimize Operations

From the supplier to the shelf, ensure your processes are are running smoothly. 

With concrete data on co-purchased products, you have deep insight into inventory forecasting, enabling you to accurately predict and plan for stock increases and deficits. 


Consumer behavior and preferences are constantly evolving. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and shifts in behavior is essential to ensure marketing strategies remain relevant and effective.

BasketAnalyzer makes it easier than ever to personalize campaigns and attribute sales and conversions.

The BasketAnalyzer Advantage

Analyze basket behavior to uncover deeper insights

Do you find it an overwhelming task to determine what your consumers are purchasing on the same ticket? Rather than working for your data, let your data work for you with BasketAnalyzer. 

Pricing and revenue management

Understand price elasticity, identify price sensitivity, and optimize pricing strategy.

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Store Layout Optimization

Enhance store layouts, shelf placements, and product adjacencies. 

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Cross-selling and upselling

Personalize buying recommendations based on correlated product purchases. 

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Product assortment planning

Assess purchase frequencies to identify top-selling products, underperforming items, and potential gaps in the product range.

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Shopping behaviors and patterning

Deep-dive into recurring shopping behaviors to uncover patterns and trends. 

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Our data experts are your data experts

BasketAnalyzer is more than a strategic platform, it’s a partnership. Our high-caliber data scientists and data engineers become a trusted extension of your team, providing you with dependable, ongoing support whenever you need it. No metered, monthly hours. No hidden costs.

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