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Get transaction-level basket insights with speed and ease.

With Basket Analyzer, you can identify the patterns behind your shoppers’ buying behavior to ensure all your decisions speak to your customers.

Deep dive into buyer behavior

Analyze buyers’ baskets to uncover insights

Got basket questions? Let Basket Analyzer answer them for you, giving you the data you need to optimize pricing, promotions, merchandising decisions, and more.

Product-to-product impacts

Which items are the strongest drivers of additional product sales? See what products are having the biggest impact on the sales of other products.

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Product purchase frequency

What products are purchased most often? See what the top-selling products are for your dataset.

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Co-purchased products

Which products are commonly purchased together? Identify what product pairings are most popular.

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One vs. multiple products

What products are most commonly bought in bulk? See when buyers are buying more than one of the same item.

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Product pairings

Which item pairings best contribute higher sales? Explore your data in an interactive chart.

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